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Mediation Services 

In addition to his trial lawyer practice, Mr. Barry is available to help adverse party’s resolve their disputes.  Mr. Barry firmly believes that as great as our jury system is, parties to lawsuits should exhaust all efforts to settle their cases pretrial.  Trials are expensive, time consuming and risky.  Too often the end result is not in the best interest of either party.  Some cases need to be tried.  That need should arise only after settlement has been fully explored. 

Pretrial settlements are usually advantageous to both parties.  While the definition of a “good settlement” means that both parties are somewhat unhappy with the result, not getting every thing one wants is better that losing completely.  Compromise is essential to a proper settlement.

In addition to his “real life” mediation training where he has represented hundreds of clients in mediations and settlement conferences, Mr. Barry earned his certification as a mediator in 2006 from the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego.  Mr. Barry looks at his mediator work as being a way to “give back” something to a system that has been good to him.  Very few mediators have plaintiff lawyer backgrounds.  Mr. Barry believes that his background gives him a unique ability to both evaluate the probable value of a case and to facilitate the understanding of the benefits of settlement to parties.

Mr. Barry is available for mediation and or settlement conferences with hourly, half day and full day rates.  Please call for rates and availability.

We will provide initial legal consultations to our prospective clients at no cost.

You may visit with us at our San Diego law offices or we can make other arrangements.